About Us

We are truly different! We give the absolute best price and quality possible!

  • Our Business model of having high volume resort "Brick & Mortar" stores allows us to offer incredible deals on our website!
  • We either import directly or buy large deals to get the very best price for our customers. We try to cut out the middlemen wherever possible.
  • We have exclusive relations with a family owned factory for the the wood carved nautical charts.
  • We DO NOT ADVERTISE AT ALL! We unload / ship / fulfill our own goods. All this saves our customers $ ! Shipping going up?? We only ship full trucks from factory to us... NO middleman inefficiencies and middleman profit! Our awesome staff multi-tasks from retail sales to wholesale in the off-season allowing us to be incredibly efficient..... while offering the best wages in our market:) (Looking for employment give us a shout)
  • We have built long lasting relationships with brand-name companies. Some of which sell the majority of their seasons lines to us at the end of season!
  • You simply will not find the same items on our site anywhere else for a better price..... Or even close to our sale price!
  • Our "Compare At" price is shown with a line thru the price. The "compare at" price is our inventory buyers’ estimate of the regular, retail price at which a comparable quality item in finer resort-wear, specialty or department stores may have been sold. We offer products from many factories and vendors, so the item may not be offered by other retailers at the "compare at" price at any particular time or location. We encourage customers to do their own comparison shopping as another way to see what great value we offer. Our goal is to bring you the best value every day!

Have a question? Email us at momentumoutfitters@gmail.com

Employment Inquiries?? We are closed on Sunday!!!:) momentumjobsmi@gmail.com