About Us

We are truly different! We give the absolute best price and quality anywhere on the internet!

  • Our Business model of having high volume resort "Brick & Mortar" stores allows us to offer the same incredible deals on our website!
  • We either import directly or buy million dollar deals direct to get the very best price for our customers. NO MIDDLEMEN.
  • We own our own factory for both the WoodChart.com & WoodEmotion.com lines.
  • We DO NOT ADVERTISE AT ALL! We unload / ship / fulfill our own goods. All this saves our customers $ !
  • We have built long lasting relationships with brand-name companies. Some of which sell ALL of their seasons lines to us at the end of every season!
  • You simply will not find the same items on our site anywhere else for a better price..... Or even close to our sale price!
  • We never have "Fake" sales, everything is sold at a great price as soon as it comes in. Our "MSRP" price shows what it sells for in other stores!
  • We encourage our customers both in our stores and web customers to do a quick internet search on each item / brand so they can see the true savings.
  • Some of the same staff that work in our retail locations, also help to fulfill our holiday orders at our warehouse ( when the stores are off season). All of our staff multi-task, which allows us to be extremely efficient.
  • We have been in the Resort-wear, Home Decor & Off-price business for over 15 years.